Company Profile

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Published: 2015 - 01 - 21
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  Shenzhen Renhe Captial Management Co., Ltd. is a professional asset management company established in ShenZhen Qianhai..

Core Business

  Two core business: equity investment and private placement of listed companies.

Management team

  The company's core management team investment experience are more than 19 years, in the capital market has a wide range of network resources and customer resources, and many fund management companies, securities companies, listed companies to maintain close relations of cooperation.

Fund business

  China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association on March 25, 2014 formally awarded the joint venture "private equity fund managers registration certificate" for the top 100 filing of the private management agencies.

Global cooperation

  In 2014 the company and Japan's largest securities company Nomura Securities related parties in Shenzhen Qianhai joint venture to set up Shenzhen Oriental shares equity investment fund management Limited. Oriental people will Nomura global resources and human capital in China's unique advantages of integration, strong combination, to create greater value for customers.

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